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Not really. I doubt any country other than SA, UAE, Bahrain, Israel and the paranoid conservatives in the US view Iran as a "threat", let alone a major threat.

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Gardagore 04.07.2018
Explain how a land mammal evolves into a marine mammal.
Mern 10.07.2018
It's the straight & narrow path where one finds meaning & purpose.
Gardaran 16.07.2018
So, parents, grandparents, guardians...
Yozshukasa 23.07.2018
I cant read it, it's such small print. What does it really say.
Tojagore 28.07.2018
Transubstantiation, the food and drink literally turning into the blood and body of Christ.
Tashakar 29.07.2018
Once again, apples and oranges. Speeding in a school zone threatens lives, especially children's.
Maukora 31.07.2018
If you "don't care" then why insist that others satisfy your demands? Believe what you want within your non-denominational charismatic evangelical protestant church and just leave other Christians alone.
Faejora 10.08.2018
Hahaha sounds good Ditto have a great day :)
Zuzil 18.08.2018
I have never worn a bra and my only experience with bras with my wife are removing them.
Togore 21.08.2018
Egypt, Syria, Bahrain.

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