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That's the point, regional flooding that encompassed a population's known world, not a biblical flood.

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Air to fuck hostess
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Yorr 05.05.2018
How can you discredit someone sharing their personal experience, plus the people who have been drawn to him because they can relate?
Kirn 15.05.2018
I can?t remember I follow a few I think so.
Kajisho 25.05.2018
I'm fascinated at the thought that there could have been life that evolved elsewhere similar to ours, or not and have become extinct. Considering the vastness of our universe, and knowing the rate of extinction on our lonely planet don't you think this probably happened before? Somewhere?
Arale 30.05.2018
Not sure that I agree. I would say that virtually no deniers of evolution are involved in many of the sciences. If you don?t ?get? it. That being the basics you can?t succeed.

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