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Which certainly indicates that money trumps morals for a lot of people, doesn't it?

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Samurisar 16.04.2018
Sorry, my mistake, so I edited my comment and removed my inappropriate sarcasm.
Togami 19.04.2018
Very wise indeed.
Voodoorn 29.04.2018
They would act differently if they were Illegals- we would have armed guards at every door way
Nisar 03.05.2018
I don?t know if it?s his delivery, but the guy is hilarious to me.
Kazragore 05.05.2018
lol, you think a nurse is a federal government employee? Obama care has you circulating in the wind.
Gajind 12.05.2018
as long ng as we follow your rules.
Taushura 19.05.2018
No I speak against racial bigotry, bigotry against theists and atheists, bigotry against gays and straights, bigotry against men and women, bigotry against the elderly and the young, bigotry against natives and foreigners, bigotry against conservatives, libertarians and peaceful socialists. And more.
Fejar 26.05.2018
True, religion in general is waning. Actually this is foretold. Soon, the governments will act to eradicate them. That is the beginning of the end.

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