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Arch. Is there an error in my generalized thinking that what is empirical is fact and practical reality and what is abstract is subjective and more a matter of opinion?

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Kid fuel cells
Kid fuel cells
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Gogis 25.03.2018
They used to be against tattoos, too. I wonder if they still are or would have a problem with henna (not permanent)?
Dout 01.04.2018
Hm. Read a bit more about it and you have a point.
Banos 06.04.2018
You and Rita are low key killing me??????
Tojashicage 11.04.2018
I am not blaming anyone either. I just thought about the reasons and mentioned them.
Miramar 18.04.2018
It must be the new lingo, I?m surprised I haven?t heard it yet. Normally I?m pretty up to date on that, jive turkey. ;)
Arashisho 20.04.2018
19 times even 500 is less than 10.000 so your claim is just hot air. Even 100.000 x 19 is less than the three million votes with which Clinton won the popular vote.
Dutilar 25.04.2018
Al, words have meanings.
Zolokinos 03.05.2018
I have time and patience
Kajas 09.05.2018
Me no bookface...??
Faegar 09.05.2018
So, you don't know what entropy is. Why are you using words the meaning of which is beyond your comprehension?

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