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Moogusho 08.04.2018
FFS. This country has the lowest tax debt for rich people of any industrialized nation, and I'm done with listening to the same tired 'why do you hate rich people' whine every time the facts are pointed out. Can you not? I mean, you didn't address a single point I made beyond 'you're just jealous.' Data. I brought actual data from actual economists and you brought a school yard taunt.
Taukinos 14.04.2018
This is bigger than Ms Tibbetts and her family. Illegals should not be here. If that scumbag illegal had been blocked from coming here, Ms Tibbetts would be alive today. Seal the border.
Grokinos 20.04.2018
I did live through the '90s. Lying was wrong back then, too. I'm not a moral relativist.

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