Wu-Tang, David Ortiz, and the Insane Pupil

Hip/Hop and Rap music are not for everyone, and I would guess that many in this community probably aren’t of the age to have grown up listening to the Wu-Tang Clan. But even if you did, you may not be aware of the  Wu-Tang Clan Name Generator, a website that allows you to type in your name and receive a Wu Warrior name.  While this may be silly, there does seem to be something to this Wu-Tang name; just ask Childish Gambino.

Did you know that if you type in “Big Papi” the nickname given is “Gentleman Wanderer”?  I can think of no better epithet for David Ortiz.  Ortiz frequently hugs members of the opposing team and is one of the nicest players in baseball, and when you consider how far he has traveled to get where he is, the name does seem appropriate.

Know what P-Town Tom’s is?  Scratchin’ Swami.  And couldn’t we all agree that Tom is a bit of a leader when it comes to the blogging community.  I recently interacted with the Swami, and was the beneficiary of his wisdom.

A few weeks ago, P-town Tom blogged about National Baseball Card Day , showing off what he picked up from the Topps promotion.  As per the usual, his generosity was on display as he offered up certain cards for trade.  He had duplicates of David Ortiz, so I laid claim to it.

My expectation was that he would send the card in a PWE, but that didn’t happen.  Instead, Tom sent a padded envelope full of Red Sox cards.

img010 (8)

Included with the stack of cards were these two: Dwight Evans and Mo Vaughn, both of whom are in the Red Sox Hall of Fame.


Eck and Nomar are both part of my Red Sox PC, so these cards were both needed.

img012 (3)

Now that Pedro is a Hall of Famer, his cards seem to go for more; picking up these two from Tom makes my job as a collector easier.

img010 (7)

The card on the right is the National Baseball card day promotional card; not much will be said of its design, as we have all had the opportunity to read such things on other blogs.  Mostly I wanted this card because this is Big Papi’s final year.  The pink refractor was an incredible gesture.

Tom sent another dozen cards, and while they were duplicates, they were much appreciated.

img012 (2)img010

Tom sent a note along with the cards and went so far as to include an appropriate daily calendar page.

Tom, thanks again for this wonderful selection of cards.  Keep an eye out for a return package soon.

What is your Wu-Tang Clan name? (Mine is “Insane Pupil”)

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5 Responses to Wu-Tang, David Ortiz, and the Insane Pupil

  1. Adam Smith says:

    Arpsmith comes out as Amazing Lover….


  2. shoeboxlegends says:

    Amazing Criminal. Hmm…


  3. I got Amazing Wanderer for myself. Out of curiosity I put Bob Walk and it came back Thunderous Desperado which of course is the coolest name ever.


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