Good morning class, today we are going to learn about baseball cards.

I have shown off a card from this series previously, and my level of excitement and interest is the same now as it was then.  Of course, anytime that I can pick up a Gary Carter for less than $.50, I am happy, but when that card falls within the unique category of rare junk wax era card, I am ecstatic.

img004 (3)

1990 Donruss Learning Series #5-Gary Carter

Calling this card rare might be a stretch.  However, anytime a set of cards from the Junk Wax Era was only distributed to elementary and junior high schools, I think we can agree that they are at least “medium-rare.”

This card, like all the others in the Learning Series, has a different photo from the base set, but still relies upon the same backside of the card.  Here is the 1990 Donruss base card for Carter.


In Carter’s case, the Learning Series card works as a sort of Traded or Update set, as he was playing for the Giants in ’90.

While I do like this set, as Fisk and Carter are both included, I do have to wonder how successful or useful this set was as an educational tool.  Don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to have been in a class that used these cards.  Unfortunately, I can’t imagine my curmudgeonly teachers handing these out, saying, “Good morning class.  Today, we are going to learn about baseball cards.”

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