1972 Topps: In Action

In my attempt to collect every catcher from 1972 Topps, I have come to the point that I am only able to grab one or two cards at a time.  Either the cards needed are of superstars/hall of famers, or they are high numbered.  This, of course, means that patience is of the utmost importance.  After all, “it’s a waiting game.”

When I do get new additions, they are that much sweeter.  In particular, these two most recent pick-ups.

s-l500 (10)

1972 Topps # 434 Johnny Bench “In Action”

Before purchasing this card, I was a kind of torn as to whether or not it should be considered part of my 1972 Topps set or my Bench PC, as I hadn’t come to a conclusion about if subset cards should be included as part of my overall goal.  But after seeing this and the other “In Action” cards, I was sure that they were going to be displayed with the rest of my ’72 Topps cards.

This card has such a great image I don’t feel compelled to expound upon it.  Bench was just one of those players with indefinable qualities.  That isn’t to say that other catchers who are part of the “In Action” set don’t have great photos, but something about a young Johnny Bench looking skyward captures something that my words can’t.

s-l500 (12)

The back of these cards, for those unaware, have no correlation to the front.  Some have ads for other Topps products, some have these newspaper article entries, and others form part of a puzzle.

s-l500 (11)

1972 Topps #442 Thurman Munson “In Action”

After obtaining the Bench card, it seemed logical to go after another big name catcher, even if I don’t particularly like him or the team he played for.  While I do like having the card, I have to say that it doesn’t have much action.  I understand that Topps wanted to show an aspect to the game that isn’t often depicted on cards, but that doesn’t mean it should be part of this particular subset.

The back of this card is another newspaper clipping that has nothing to do with this moment, player, or team and didn’t feel it needed to be included here.

My want list is growing smaller; now I just need to update it on this blog.

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4 Responses to 1972 Topps: In Action

  1. Mark Hoyle says:

    As someone who’s completed the 72 set I can feel your pain when it comes to high numbers. Also as a Redsox collector I go back and get a second set of Redsox cards for any set I’ve completed. As far as the 72 set one of the puzzles on the back of the in action cards was of Yaz. That meant I went back and collected whatever cards wer neededto complete the puzzle. I agree many of the in action cards are actually ” no action” cards.


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