Fisk Friday: “How bout Like, Something Like the Matrix”

Without a doubt, Panini is my preferred baseball card company.  To be fair, this is primarily due to their Cooperstown releases.  While recent years’ releases have seen them shift more toward the high-end, the first two years were, and still are, some of my favorite cards.  As the product only focuses on Hall of Fame players, there are a number of cards to chase, for those of use who are player collectors.

img001 (3)

2013 Panini Cooperstown #93 Carlton Fisk

This version, numbered 163/325, is the Matrix parallel.  Though it appears red in the scan, the card is actually orange, with a shiny metallic hue.  All told, there are 6 parallels of the base cards (if one counts the black crystal 1 of 1).  With this card, I now only need that elusive “Black Crystal Shard” to complete this rainbow.  So in other words, I can check this set off my list.

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