Who Don’t You Collect?

As I have been going through my collection, I have noticed some interesting tendencies as to who and what I collect.  Previously, I mentioned that I have removed the label of “team collector” from myself and this blog, and it is specifically due to the fact that there are too many players that I don’t collect, but not all are from teams that I follow.  Some are hall of famers that just don’t do anything for me; others are current superstars that never found a home in my collection.  But, am I the only one like this?

Here is just one example of a significant player for my favorite team that I don’t collect:

Manny Ramirez

s-l500 (7)

From 2001 through 2008, Ramirez was an 8x all-star, 6x Silver Slugger, winner of the Hank Aaron Award, A.L. Batting Champion, A.L. Home Run Leader, and winner of 2 World Series.  And for all of that, I can’t stand him.  I absolutely hated watching him play.  I am not so naive as to think that without him, the Red Sox would have been as successful, but I still don’t care.  From the way he loafed around the outfield, to his gigantic uniform, I loathed watching him play in Boston.

While there are a number of Hall of Fame players that didn’t end up in my collection, below is an example of a player whose cards infuriate me:

Ozzie Smith

s-l500 (8)

Before I am chided for this admission, know that I grew up watching “The Wizard” play shortstop.  And guess what, I was never a fan.  While my older brother loved him, I didn’t really care about Ozzie’s back-flips and “athletic” defensive prowess.  I did care when year after year, Smith won the popularity contest known as the Gold Glove Award over Barry Larkin.  And I still can’t understand why he is put on such a pedestool, when he was such an horrific offensive player.  Proponents will quickly point to his tremendous defensive skills, which can best be quantified by his .978 fielding percentage.  Whereas Larkin was only able to eek out a measly .975 fielding percentage, and amassing much more offensive accolades.

An example of a current superstar that I don’t collect:

Mike Trout

s-l500 (9)

I don’t have any disdain for Mike Trout.  In fact, I rather enjoy watching him.  One of my fondest ballpark memories is getting to watch him his rookie year.  Sitting in Globe Life Park (Rangers Stadium) I remember turning to my wife and telling her that Trout would be the next great center fielder.  (She didn’t care as she was a Rangers fan).  “I strenuously object” to his not getting the MVP Award in ’12 and ’13.  All in all, I am a fan of Trout.

However, I don’t collect his cards.  Mostly this is due to the incredible cost associated with them.  From time to time, I have pulled a few base or inserts, like the card above, but I would rather send them to an Angels fan than keep 4 or 5 cards sitting on my shelf.

Listed below are 3 different criteria of players.  Some may not make a lot of sense to pure team collectors, and for those, we can augment the response.  Respond in the comment section, with players that you don’t collect. (If others have done a similar post, know that I was unaware while writing this post).

  1.  A player on your favorite team that never mattered to you (try to pick someone that we will recognize, not a bench player that only played one year).  For team collectors, maybe this could be a player that didn’t play an entire career on your favorite team, e.g. Griffey Jr.
  2. A Hall of Fame Player who you don’t collect.
  3. A current superstar who you don’t collect.

In responding to each question, try to pick players that aren’t obvious, e.g. Yankee collectors probably don’t collect Pedro Martinez, so this goes without saying.

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5 Responses to Who Don’t You Collect?

  1. loqtusg says:

    I’ve got 50+ player collections, but only a couple are HOFers – Jim Palmer and your favorite Carlton Fisk. The other guys were often All-Stars and Fan Favorite types, but not superstars.

    Like you said with Trout, it’s too expensive. Plus, they have more cards issued of them when you look at inserts and parallels. I can’t see collecting any of the top ten guys, unless that’s ALL you do. Everybody wants them, so demand would keep you from finding and/or affording all their stuff.

    I’m primarily a set builder, so I do go for base and inserts of HOF’ers, but to finish sets. I have second copies of Palmers and Fisks to seperate into the PCs.

    I would never collect Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Tom Brady, or Sidney Crosby, basically because I can’t stand them as people.


  2. gcrl says:

    1. I am very much ambivalent about adrian gonzalez, who has been great for the dodgers.
    2. i used to have pc’s for pretty much all of the hall of famers that would get cards in the 80’s and 90’s. but not guys like eddie mathews or whitey ford. these days, the only hofers i collect are dodgers.
    3. again, i’ve narrowed my collection to a team perspective. i stopped with player collections (aside from vladimir guerrero) in 2002 or so, but did have a slight dalliance with joe mauer cards around 2006. if i were a player collector, i don’t think i would care much for paul goldschmidt cards.


  3. shoeboxlegends says:

    For #1, I wholeheartedly agree with your choice of Manny Ramirez as a fellow Red Sox fan. #2 is a tough one, since I’m not really a player collector by nature. I’d have to give that one more thought. #3 is tough for the same reason, plus I’ll pick up a card of almost any superstar if the price is right and I like the card enough. Maybe Andrew McCutchen or Kris Bryant?

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