Fisk Friday: Adding Another Jewel to the Crown (Royale)

In my recent attempts to focus my collection on my most favorite players, I have narrowed my purchases of singles to one player only, Carlton Fisk.

The downside of this decision is that most, if not all, of his base cards are already at home in my collection, so now I must pick up the parallels and variations.

Today, I am showing off another 2015 Panini Cooperstown Hall of Fame Crown Royale:

img001 (8)

Except this time it is Silver.  Numbered 17/75, this version is actually the duller of the two (I picked up the purple version a few months ago).

Carlton-Fisk (1)

My biggest problem with this card, is the write-up featured on the back.  Instead of mentioning one Fisk’s own accomplishments (like catching all 25 innings of a single game in 1984) they focus on a record of Tom Seaver.

Nonetheless, I do like the card very much and look forward to finding some of the other, more difficult parallels.

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