Bad Mistakes. . .I’ve Made a Few

When I got back into this hobby, I wanted to collect every card for every player that I had followed as a child, hall of fame players that I had learned about, and current players.  All in all, there were almost 100 players in my initial PC.  Slowly, I have learned to cut down on who and what I collect.  However, before I got to the point I am now, I kind of went crazy.

Luckily I never spent too much at one time, and I was always careful not to leave a paper trail, so the funds were never totally depleted.  That being said, I do have some “regerts”.

This post will, therefore, highlight some of the purchases I made that, in hindsight, were not the smartest.


2012 Topps Five Star #53 Carl Yastrzemski

Nothing against Yaz, but I was caught up by the hype surrounding this product.  No, I would never dream of buying a box of 5 Star, but I felt like I needed to get the base card of whatever players I collected.  When I saw this card on ebay, for $10 I thought I couldn’t pass it up.  When it arrived, I realized how much I didn’t have a place for it in my collection.  Not only is it incredibly thick, but being a base card numbered to 80, it isn’t even rare.  Luckily, I didn’t win any other auctions, and as of yet, have not added any more 5 Star cards, though I would take a Fisk, if anyone has one.


2012 Panini National Treasures Base Nicknames

This was the first big purchase I made at the LCS  I used to frequent.  I thought I needed to collect all of the Hall of Famers that ever played for the Red Sox, and as Speaker was one of the first, I thought my collection wouldn’t be respectable if this card was not sitting front and center.  However, I now realize this card is was not worth what I paid for it, and I am not ready to admit just how much that was.  Nothing against Mr. Speaker, but my life has been just fine without adding more of his cards to my collection.


2004 Topps Chrome “Uncirculated” Auto

This is, without a doubt, the most embarrassing purchase that I can recall.  In the first year back in the hobby, I was trying to get an auto of every player from the 1975 Red Sox (I still want to do that at some point).  My regret has nothing to do with the card; rather, it is the “uncirculated” part that makes me hang my head.  When I was initially searching for an auto of Tiant, I passed up on buying much cheaper autos, as I thought that this “sealed” auto would somehow be a better card to own.  Now, I now how ridiculous these cards are.

With each of these cards/players, I was an excited hobbyist that was making unwise purchases.  I still enjoy getting cards for each of these players, but after picking these cards up, I have not spent a single cent on obtaining more.  Yes, I have pulled some Yaz cards from packs, and a number of generous bloggers have sent me cards, but my blunders have taught me to be more frugal.

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2 Responses to Bad Mistakes. . .I’ve Made a Few

  1. My only real cardboard regret was spending too much money on completing sets. Just didn’t get the satisfaction that I would have from buying Pirate singles. Like Jeff said above, as long as you get out of the mindset of having to have every new card you will be fine. Separating want and need is the constant struggle, but once you can do it you have reached cardboard nirvana.


  2. Jeff says:

    Ahhhhh regrets. Or regerts. Whatever…..

    But we all have them. It’s a learning process. I try to keep the mind set that my collection does not HAVE to have this card or that. It’s fine without it. Sure, I would like it, but I’m ok. I won’t overpay for something just because I need it for this or that. There is no need in this hobby. Just wants. And I want a lot, but need none of it.


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