Curt Schilling: Scientist, Announcer, and Future Hall of Famer

Unless sports is of no interest to you (in which case, your reading this blog is a bit odd) you are aware that Curt Schilling’s employment with ESPN has been terminated.  Without pontificating on the ridiculously hypocritical stance that has been taken by Disney (parent company of ESPN) or adding to (or taking away from) the several situations that Schilling has placed himself, it should be noted that his career on the field should still be admired.

With that in mind, here is a look at few new additions to my Schilling collection:

img004 (2)

I enjoy these types of  cards, as they are sort of a career retrospective.  Recently, I came across a wonderful idea on Beckett that this card would work well with:


Beckett member rollx8 has an incredible collection that he calls The McCardLane Collection, and while I don’t have the funds to amass a similar collection, I do think it would be cool to take the above card and use it in a likewise manner.

img004 (6) has a number of low priced Schilling cards, and I can understand why; but the lower prices means more cards for me.

img004 (4)img004 (5)

Schilling doesn’t appear in a lot of higher end releases, and hasn’t been included in very many sets at all now that he is retired.  Needless to say, these two Triple Threads parallels were quite cheap.

The Wall Street Journal had and interesting article about Schilling the other day, wherein he was likened to Galileo.  While I doubt that Schilling has ever thought of himself as such, his career was remarkable, and I for one admire his accomplishments.

If you don’t, and want to get rid of any Schillings, send them my way.

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