Red Sox, Catchers, and the Bad Boys of Detroit

Just when things were starting to back into some kind of rhythm, people have to go and start sending trade packages.  This most recent package, courtesy of Kerry from over at Cards on Cards, was full of all kinds of goodness, some of which may require that I start another blog, or at least a new series on this one.

First up, Kerry sent over a handful of Red Sox cards that fit perfectly into the pockets of my binders.


Nothing wrong with a pair of 1st Home run inserts from Red Sox position players not known for their power.


Opening Day is one of those sets that I never buy, but seem to enjoy whenever I obtain cards for my PC.

img017 (2)

How fortuitous that on his 98th birthday, I get to post about one of his cards.  I own only a few, of what should be a much larger selection of Bobby Doerr cards.

Things really got exciting when I opened the “team bag” that held the catchers.


Here is a trio of Buster Posey cards.  The die-cut Bowman Platinum is the most preferred of the three, though it will be the most difficult to wrangle into a page.


Bob Boone is one of the most unappreciated catchers in the history of the game and a -second-generation all-star. Oh, and father of two all-stars to boot. Despicably, my collection of Bob Boone is numbered in the single digits. This card, makes 10, and I can think of no better card.


I will have to go digging through the dungeon of my collection, but this may be the first 1961 Topps card that I own.  Someday, when I own enough of them, I will make a want list of the catchers that I need, but until that day, this will stand as the lone member of that club.


I have mixed feelings about this one, however.  Not only did Topps sully this card by hyphenating the position, but John Ellis is a Yankee, and that never sits well with me.


Angels in the infield a la 1974.


1976 is one of my most sought-after sets that I want to complete for my catcher collection, so Kerry, thank you, for adding three more to my meager collection.


The Cleveland Indians’ uniforms in the mid-70’s is one of the uniforms that could have only existed in the 70’s.


Could you imagine having these two catchers on the same team, in their prime?  Between them they have 6 all-star appearances, 7 Gold Gloves (all are Boone’s), and 3 World Series titles.

These cards on their own would have been more than enough to call the cards from Cards on Cards remarkable.  However, they made up just a small portion of the package.

For those unaware, Kerry has very graciously offered up guilt free basketball cards for those who may want them.  Just go to the provided link and claim a team.

Myself, I claimed both a team and a player.  The player. . .

Stephen Curry



The Team. . .

The Detroit Pistons

img017 (3)

img017 (4)


img017 (5)

These and about 100 Pistons made the trip from Portland.  Thanks again Kerry.

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