My Son’s First Player Collection: Thor

Without sharing too much information about my children (not that anyone would be interested), my son is named Thor.  As such, I collect Thor comic books, toys, and art that has anything to do with him, including (now) baseball cards.

I have now officially started a player collection of Noah Syndergaard for my son, Thor.

As he is so young, obtaining his cards is a bit like prospecting, of which I am not a fan.  Hopefully, as my son grows up, he will want to continue collecting Noah’s cards, even if he doesn’t end up having the career I hope he will have.

However, the nickname isn’t the only reason I collect him.  Aside from the name, there is the fact that he plays for the Mets, is from Texas (where I live), and was the only pitcher to get a win for the Mets in last year’s World Series.

Remember this moment:


Here is a glimpse at my son’s first PC:

img015 (2)

These low-end minor league cards were the cheapest that weren’t pack pulled.

img015 (4)

It’s hard to tell, but these are minis from last year’s Bowman products.



Though these four are from when he was part of the Blue Jays farm system, these Bowman Platinum cards looked too good to pass up.

img015 (3)

It’s weird to see Syndergaard without his flowing locks.


So far, this is my favorite card in the collection.  I know some didn’t like 2015 Bowman’s Best, but I rather like this card.

As of yet, I do not have a relic or auto.  I was keeping an eye out at the card show, but the prices were a bit out of my price range.

If you happen to have any Syndergaard’s cards just sitting around (I don’t know why you would) and need to make room for other cards, keep me (and my son) in mind.

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