Fisk Friday: Slim Pickens from 2016

The 2016 baseball season is about to be upon us, which means that there have already been half a dozen baseball card products released.  As I am not a team collector, per se, the amount of products put out by Topps and Panini doesn’t bother.  Rather it usually offers more chances to pick up cards of my favorite players, like Carlton Fisk.  However, the pickings are slim so far this year.  Aside from making it into some high-end products, Fisk has been overlooked by products like Donruss and the upcoming Diamond Kings. In fact, he hasn’t been included in either of those products thus far (and I don’t include being a relic or autograph).

But enough of that.

I have picked up one Carlton Fisk from a 2016 product:


s-l500 (6)

Nothing too exciting, but still needed for my collection.  Here’s hoping that more Fisk cards make their way into this year’s releases.

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