Foul Junk

Before I show any of the treasures that I picked up from the the card show, I need to catch up on a few trades.  I hope they don’t mind, but I have combined two trade packages for this post.

First up, is a stack of Jason Kendall’s cards from The Junior Junkie.

For those who aren’t aware, The Junior Junkie recently sent cards to 51 different zip codes, and I was the recipient of a PWE.


img001 (2)

Though he sent over close to a dozen cards, these six were needed.  My collection is so unorganized that I may never have a comprehensive list of what I need.  So it is a rarity that so many cards end up being needed, as it was a shot in the dark that I would any of them.

I don’t know how anyone else feels, but I have misgivings about receiving cards from the Junior Junkie, as I don’t know if I will ever have a card that he needs.  I have been trying to put together something for him, but I know that he has all of the cards I have set aside.

Next up, are a few cards from a recent trade partner.  Will, who has a blog called Foul Bunt, and I have completed one trade already, with the understanding that we continue to keep an eye out for cards for each other.  Well, as is usually the case, I am too slow on the trigger; Will has already sent a second package of Hall of Fame catchers.

img004 (2)

As I so rarely buy sets like Gypsy Queen, I often overlook picking up singles, so I wasn’t surprised that I needed this Carter.  The other is from one of those Topps Mail Order exclusive sets put out in the ’80s.

img004 (4)

Here is another of the overlooked.  Mini’s almost never end up in my collection unless one of the following happens: it gets pulled from a pack that I open, someone sends it to me, or it is a Carlton Fisk.

img004 (3)

Now we’re cookin’!

Two 1986 Topps Mini Leaders that were both needed, and of my favorite players?  How am I this behind in my collection?


These two, however, I don’t feel bad about not owning, as I have no idea what they are.  I can tell that they are cut out from a cardboard box, but I couldn’t find a year or manufacturer.  My guess: hostess from the late ’70s.

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2 Responses to Foul Junk

  1. shoeboxlegends says:

    Awesome trade packages both! You are correct, those last two are ’76 Hostess I believe.


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