Fisk Friday: Topps TV

Today I would like to focus on a card that was released during Fisk’s playing days, though it is a bit of an oddball.


1990 Topps TV All-Stars #8-Carlton Fisk


According to, 1990 Topps TV was a series of six different sets of cards, released to specific television markets (for the 5 team sets) and nationally (for the all-stars).  The Mets, Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, and Cardinals, each had sets produced.

The card is rather lackluster, with a glossy finish.  The image isn’t particularly strong and the design suffers from being too crowded.  However, the card is saved by the back.


I forgot to scan it so I had to use this image from  Rather than the same tired stats found on the backs of most cards, this set gives a look at the career bests.

I have made a few searches of these sets, and most unopened sets are listed on ebay starting at $25, for those team collectors who may be interested.

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