There’s No Politics in Baseball: Another Giveaway

With all of the political turmoil, primary elections, and debates that bombard us on a daily basis, as well as the approach of Opening Day,  I thought that there could be no better way to offend as many people as possible by posting about the effects of politics in baseball.

Well, that isn’t exactly accurate, as I am not going to talk about it, I am going to let the cards do the talking.

Before looking at the cards, though, it is important to note two things.  First, although these cards are from 1993 Cardtoons, they focus on the political machinations leading up to and surrounding the Player’s Strike in 1994.  Secondly, if you under the age of 30, the caricatures and satire depicted on these cards likely won’t make any sense.

1993 Cardtoons “Politics in Baseball”


S-1: Pledge of Allegiance


If only the producers of this set could have known what it would be like in 2016, they would have used a larger denomination on that flag.

S-2: The Wave

img010 (3)img012 (3)

I remember going to Colorado Rockies games for less than $10 a ticket, and they weren’t for the nose bleeds.  There are few things I enjoy as much as going to baseball games, but taking the entire family these days is almost too much.

S-3: Slick Willie

img010 (2)img012 (2)

Could you imagine a more up-to-date  version of this and cards of current “politicians”?  For some help, go check out 2016 Topps Garbage Pail Kids.

S-4: Umpires Convention


And now with the replay system, they should have no excuse, right?

S-5: The Slide

img004 (8)img006 (8)

Do you remember when Clinton asked Congress to intercede in the Player’s Strike?  This set is missing out on a Bob Dole card.

S-6: Sh-h-h-h-h-h-h

img004 (7)img006 (7)

While I get the written references, I am having a hard time with the caricatures.  Would they be Marge Schott and George Steinbrenner?

S-7: Throwing out the First Contract

img004 (6)img006 (6)

Bryce Harper=$400 million

S-8: Babe Rush

img004 (5)img006 (5)

Only 62 pounds?

S-9: Hot Prospect

img004 (4)img006 (4)

I wonder if the mention of a “clean urine test” is a reference to recreational drugs, or steroids.

S-10: Let’s Play Ball

img004 (3)img006 (3)

At least they are outside.

S-11: Role Model

img004 (2)img006 (2)

Scott Boras rookie card?

While this is a fascinating set, I have no interest in it.  I hate politics and the fact that this is an 11 card set, makes it unappealing to me.  As such, I will give it away.

If you are interested, leave a comment and tell me which is your favorite card, and I will randomize the winner on Sunday Feb. 21 at 9 pm central time.

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2 Responses to There’s No Politics in Baseball: Another Giveaway

  1. Mark Hoyle says:

    I’m all set. You can go ahead and run a contest. Thanks.


  2. Al Kawamoto says:

    Love the “odd ball” stuff–S-11 Role Model–don’t see my salary there but I wish I made some of them


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