“Greed, for Lack of a Better Word”-Contest

I have been going through the various stacks of cards, especially those that are just gathering dust.  In an effort to make space, I have tried to get rid of cards that have no home in my collection.  Which leads me to my latest post, for the first time, I am giving away cards; though I don’t know if anyone will want them.

I came across an insert from the set of 1993 Cardtoons, called Field of Greed.

This insert focuses on the various strikes, including works stopages, over the history of Major League Baseball.  The back of each card gives details of each of the strikes.   It should go without saying that this set was produced while the MLB Players Association was contemplating a strike, a strike that would come to fruition at the end of the ’94 season




The pictures on the front are meant to be viewed together as a puzzle.

20160207_221332.jpg 20160207_221340.jpg 20160207_221347.jpg

Clearly, this image borrows heavily from the movie Field of Dreams, with the dated players coming out of a field of corn.


There are a number of generic players holding picket signs in the middle row.

20160207_221203.jpg 20160207_221211.jpg 20160207_221220.jpg

While the top row shows immortals of the Golden Age of of Baseball in the clouds, a number of whom seem to be crying or upset.  Maybe they are upset at how they have been treated, lamenting the unfair practices of owners towards them, or perhaps they are upset at the idea that modern players would strike, when current conditions are already so much better.  (I think it is the latter, hence the title of the insert).

I don’t recognize all of them, but I can pick out Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, and Joe DiMaggio.

Here is a look at the completed puzzle:


Here is what it looks like when in a 9 card page:


So here is the contest: leave a comment below that you want this 9 card set.  I have 3 to give away, hence there will be 3 winners.  If you include other information in your comment, such as a team that you collect, or a player, I will include bonus cards.  The contest will close on Feb. 14th at 9 p.m. central time, at which time I will randomize the three winners..</p>

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5 Responses to “Greed, for Lack of a Better Word”-Contest

  1. The Lost Collector says:

    Ah, sorry I missed this! Cool set though.


  2. Mark Hoyle says:

    Nice looking little set


  3. Shane K says:

    Blue Jays! Thanks for the chance


  4. Julie says:

    Jared – this set falls under “oddball”. I specialize in oddball. Count me in, please – and thanks! If you have Jose Altuve laying around, I could give him a great home. Any catcher dupes you want to dismiss from your collection are also welcome.


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