Classroom of Collectibles

It was just the other day that I mentioned the generosity of the blogging community, and at that time, I wasn’t referring to cards, nor am I at this time.  Instead, I am talking about a certain non-blogger, with whom most of us have interacted.

A few weeks ago, I showed off some bobbleheads that I have obtained over the past months.  Upon seeing the post, a certain person, let’s call him Mark, asked if I would be interested in a David Ortiz bobblehead.  Of course, I said, yes.


A few days ago, this showed up.  Mark said that he had an extra bobblehead, so I thought it would be an older, perhaps slightly worn item.  Upon closer examination, however, I noticed that this is just the opposite.


This is from 2014 and was part of a Stadium Giveaway on April 7, though it took me a bit of research to find the specific day.  In terms of condition, I won’t offer a long diatribe of its quality, but let me say that I can find no fault or flaw.


Needless to say, when this showed up, it made anything that I sent to him seem insignificant, but I will continue to try.


Now it resides on the shelf in my classroom of collectibles.  Thanks, Mark.

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4 Responses to Classroom of Collectibles

  1. Mark hoyle says:

    Looks great on the shelf


  2. shoeboxlegends says:

    Awesome bobble-head!


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