Nonsense and Non-Sports Cards: Sets I Would Like

During the past year, I have accrued stacks of baseball cards, and my appetite has not been assuaged.  In fact, it has grown out of control.  I am no longer satiated by just baseball cards or baseball collectibles.  I have a growing collection of Thor and Incredible Hulk comic books, and collectibles (read toys).  And in future posts, I will show them off.

However, with the recent passing of one of my favorite artists, David Bowie, I was made aware of a set of cards that I simply must have:

2015 The Man Who Fell to Earth Trading Cards


From what happens to be one of my favorite movies, this set of cards pays homage to the 1976 Sci-Fi Cult Classic film, The Man Who Fell to Earth.  I remember watching this and The Hunger during some kind of Bowie movie marathon about 15 years ago, and it made an indelible impression on me.  It has continued to resonate with me, especially as science-fiction was my area of interest for my Master’s Degree.  And it certainly helps that there are collectible cards for a science-fiction movie that isn’t Star Wars.

While the possibility of a Bowie autograph has driven the price of hobby boxes through the roof, the 54 card base set can be had for around $15.  The only problem is trying to decide when I should take some of my meager funds and purchase the set.

Cardboard Connection did a write up about this release a few days after Bowie’s death; for a product breakdown, follow the link.

What set of movie trading cards would you want to collect?


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2 Responses to Nonsense and Non-Sports Cards: Sets I Would Like

  1. Julie says:

    I have a set from Grease but have never really been into collecting movie cards. If I did, it would probably be from old black and white films – probably horror themed. Maybe Dr. Phibes in all his colorful, gross glory would be fun too.


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