Caught Between a Rock and a Stack of Cardboard

I constantly live in a state of turbulence when it comes to cards and collecting.  Goal number one is to acquire my favorite players, i.e. Fisk and the like.  However, I have a terrific urge to open packs of cards.  Sometimes this urge can be assuaged by opening junk wax, or like at Christmas, opening many packs of cards, and afterwards, having money to buy singles.  But the timing has to be just right for this to work out.  Otherwise, the desire to open packs wins out.

Of course the problem with buying loose packs or even boxes, is the number of cards one acquires that aren’t wanted.

I do have some recourse; I have trade partners that I have met through this blog.  While I have been away, however, the stacks of cardboard have grown substantially (just ask my wife).  Recently, I have sent out a few packages, but not enough to make a dent in the mountain of cards.

So that is the dilemma.  What to do with the cardboard?

And while I deal with the problem of stacks of base cards, I have another problem with the better cards I have obtained: inserts, parallels, serial numbered cards, relics, and autographs.  These cards need to find a new home, as I am neglecting them.

*For the rest of this post, imagine hearing “Angel” by Sara McLachlan

img006 (3)

2015 Panini Prizm Cory Spangenberg

img006 (2)

2015 Panini Prizm Fernando Rodney


2013 Topps Chasing History Relic David Price


2011 Topps Lineage Box Loader Relic Carlos Santa (41/64)

For just pennies a day . . . you could help these cards.

These and others that are listed on my Trade Bait page are up for grabs.

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