Catcher Figures (To be a Big Part of My Collection)

Along with those Fisk figures that I previously showed off, I have a number of others in my room.  Today, for your perusal, are the rest of my catchers.


This Evan Gattis “El Oso Blanco” bobblehead was a stadium giveaway this past year.  It was given out September 19, and a month later, my wife gave it to me for my birthday.  Gattis is my favorite current member of the Astros, and as far as I know, this is only the second Major League bobblehead of Gattis.


This is the one that started it all.  My parents were able to go to Astros game this past summer, and while there, bought me this and a few other Astros memorabilia items.  My favorite item though was this Craig Biggio Hall of Fame bobblehead. Up until then, I did not own a bobblehead and was unaware of their coolness and quality.  Needless to say, I was hooked.  And, yes, I am aware that Biggio spent the majority of his career at second base, but I first admired him as a catcher, so a catcher he will always be.

Later today, the Hall of Fame will announce the 2016 inductees.  Hopefully, Mike Piazza will finally be voted in.  With that in mind, I grouped these last three together and included them after the Biggio figure, in hopes that his recent induction will rub off on Piazza.


This first one is an MLB Headliners Piazza, made by Corinthian.  It stands at only three inches tall and has a logo on the hat.  I like that he is in his catcher’s gear, but the inclusion of the hat means that there is no mask, which is a downside.


Here another of those McFarlane figures; this one is a Sportspicks Exclusive Red Jersey Mike Piazza.  I don’t know the year it was released, and I don’t keep the packages for these types of figures.  Notably, it doesn’t have any MLB or team logo, nor did the packaging.  But it only cost $6.99 as an add-on item from Amazon, so while it isn’t a favorite, it was worth picking up.


The final figure happens to be my favorite of Piazza.  It is a 1996 Starting Lineup Stadium Stars.  It was produced as part of the All-Star game, which took place at Veterans stadium that year, which is why Piazza is in a Dodgers uniform but is standing over the Phillies stadium.  This was also given to me this past Christmas.  What can I say, my wife is good.

That’s it; that’s all of my catcher toys.  Of course, I have many other MLB figures, as well as Hulk toys, that are on my shelves, but those are for other days.









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2 Responses to Catcher Figures (To be a Big Part of My Collection)

  1. Fred says:

    The last photo in your catchers collection show some small figures on a round green base. My youngest son who is in his mid twenties now collected some of them as a boy. They we’re actually used to play a game. The base of the figure rotated, to indicate what the player did next.I thought they we’re called “clicks” but I can’t find any information on line about them. Do you have any information?


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