Carlton Fisk Figures (To Be a Big Part of My Collection)

With what was acquired this past Christmas, my collection of Carlton Fisk collectibles has become a more important aspect of my hobby.  While I normally like to focus on cards, one of my goals this year is to focus on my favorite player, and these figures have become a treasured part of my collection.


This 1993 Starting Lineup shows Fisk in his Chicago White Sox Uniform.  The figure itself is rather lackluster and bears no resemblance to Fisk.  It is, however, the first Fisk figure that I acquired.  As far as I know, there is another Starting Lineup Fisk, put out in 1988, but I have yet to purchase one.


These two are from the McFarlane MLB Cooperstown Collection Series 8.  The one of the left is the Boston Red Sox version and was given to me a couple of years ago by my wife.  On the right is a “variation” and shows Fisk in his White Sox uniform, which was given to me by my daughter as a Christmas present just a few weeks ago.  For those unfamiliar with the McFarlane line of collectibles, they have wonderful attention to details in both the player and the uniform, and while I have seen similar poses for other catchers (Johnny Bench) the face on these are unique to Fisk.


This last figure is part of the 1975 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Fisk bobblehead.  This was given to me by my wife as a Christmas present this past year.  What I didn’t realize until I opened it this morning (and I don’t think she knew either) was the ebay seller sent the ticket to the game that the figure was given away at.  What more do I need to say other than this bobblehead captures Fisk in his most iconic moment, which means it is perfect.

This, so far, is my only Fisk bobblehead, and I am aware of three other bobbleheads, so hopefully this coming year I can get a few more.

One of the small perks of being a high school teacher is that I have shelves on which to display these and other figures.  Over the next few weeks, I will show off more of the room, but today, I give you my Carlton Fisk shelf.


Next up, the rest of the catchers.

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4 Responses to Carlton Fisk Figures (To Be a Big Part of My Collection)

  1. That Pudge bobblehead is a thing of beauty.


  2. shoeboxlegends says:

    Nice figures!


  3. Jessica says:

    Your wonderful wife did know that the ticket was in the box, thus, another reason why she is awesome.


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