I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends

The past few weeks have been tough.  I have been terribly sick and am just now getting over it.  Going to work was about the only thing I was able to accomplish, so blogging became a low priority, as did getting packages ready to send out.

However, I am happy to say that I am now feeling much better, and the sorting process is almost complete.

Thankfully, during my down time, a few friends sent cards my way, and I am excited to share them here and now.

First up, from Mark Hoyle, known around the blogosphere as one of the most generous readers, is a package containing two great cards.

hoyle 2

While this technically doesn’t count as a card (it is more of a cutout) it does add to my infinitesimal Bob Boone collection.  There is nothing on the back of this cutout, so I have no idea about its origin.

hoyle 1

Mark sent over a Jon Singleton relic from 2015 Gypsy Queen.  I must admit that as the Red Sox are flailing away, I really have been paying more attention to the Astros.

Mark, thanks for these cards.

Next, Brian from H.S.C.A., sent over a variety of catchers that really helped grow my collection.

hsca 1

hsca 2

Catcher’s gear has the ability to take a regular card and improve its worth exponentially, at least in my eyes.

hsca 4

hsca 3

Tony Pena is another one of those catchers whose career was overshadowed by Hall of Famers, but in reality, he had a great career.

hsca 8

A Kimball Champions mini Carlton Fisk!

hsca  6

Gary Carter Panini Cooperstown 2012, Blue parallel numbered 149/499.  This was very close to being my favorite card from those that Brian sent over.

hsca 7

With Jason Kendall being included in this year’s Archives Fan Favorite Autographs, my interest in his cards has risen, and thanks to this card, I can add to my Kendall relic collection.

hsca 5

Brain hit this one out of the park, by including a fantastic vintage catcher card, and from the Pilots no less.  From 1969 Topps, this Larry Haney sits front and center in my vintage catcher collection.

Brian, sir, you have outdone yourself.  Thank you ever so much.

Last, but certainly not least, JediJeff, of 2×3 Heroes fame, sent a PWE, that landed on my doorstep just a few days ago.

2x3 3

2x3 4

2x3 5

I am not usually a recipient of Reds cards, but whenever they do show up, I am grateful.  I know that the Emerald Foil parallels weren’t well received by a number of people, but they remind me of the Matrix, and if ever there was a pitcher who should be in the Matrix, it is Chapman.

2x3 6

2x3 7

2x3 8

Due to the fact that he has played for so short a time, d’Arnaud’s cards are not in great abundance, so this was a wonderful surprise.

2x3 2

2x3 1

It would be my luck that just as I am concentrating on building my Napoli collection, his ability to hit a baseball has taken a sabbatical. However, I need this card, so I won’t complain.

JediJeff, your generosity is inspiring, I hope to be able to match it soon.

To these three great bloggers, and others who have sent packages recently, I say thank you, and watch out!

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3 Responses to I Get By with a Little Help from My Friends

  1. Julie says:

    Hey there! Glad you are doing well! The Cooperstown Carter is gorgeous!


  2. Mark Hoyle says:

    The Boone is a 1974 Johnny Pro. I believe the Orioles and Phillies are the only teams to put these out.


  3. brian says:

    Sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather – I’m glad I decided to send over some cards when I did!
    That Larry Haney is a flipped image – he’s actually right handed instead of being a lefty, which would be pretty rare for a catcher.


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