2015 Topps Stadium Club: A Surprise Blaster

We interrupt this regularly scheduled post, to bring you this amazing news:

My wife surprised me with a Blaster of Topps Stadium Club, and I wanted to show off each and every card  How could I not, what with the amazing photography?

Before I do, I wanted to say a few things about this product.  First, I am supremely happy with the fact that this was released as a retail product.  Last year’s release saw me standing out in the cold, as I could never afford an entire hobby box.

Secondly, these cards seem a bit thicker than last year’s, and certainly thicker than 2015 Topps Archives, which is a big plus.

Finally, these cards have a very distinct smell, which I mentioned to my wife.  She then raised an eyebrow (perhaps suggesting that I was too involved with this hobby).  I simply meant that they remind me of early 90’s higher end products.

The way I broke this down was by pack.  I won’t wax poetic about each card, but I will say which was my favorite card from each pack.  I tried to be objective, but sometimes a favorite player outranked a superior photo.

Pack 1:



This Huston Street card is an amazing photo, but in the end, the next card was just too unique.


Wow! This is a great image of a Hall of Fame pitcher (who spent a few years playing for Boston) with his giant-headed Doppelganger.  If you look real close, you can see what looks like a tracheotomy scar on the mascot’s neck, which is the used by the person inside to see and breath.  What a great picture.

Pack 2:


Three beautiful pictures, though they are rather bland in comparison to some of the others in this box.


A Luminescent insert of Jose Fernandez didn’t excite me too much, as I have no love for the Marlins.


In my opinion, this is the best card from pack 2, as it captures an interesting moment in Wainwright’s delivery.

Pack 3:


The Carlos Ruiz is one of two Gold Foil parallels that I pulled.



This Contact Sheet insert of Tulo was a bit disappointing.  This set would work better without any bland inserts like this.


This is one of those times when I was biased.  Piazza is a favorite player and for that reason, his card won.  Sorry, Herrera.

Pack 4:




This was a very tight race, but in the end, the Crime Dog’s card edged Smith’s by just a hair (pardon the pun). If Smith’s card was zoomed out, perhaps better showing off his athleticism and the crowd, it may have won.

Pack 5:




The Deion Sanders card is great, but in the end, Stubbs’ card has a bit more artistic feel.  Other releases have shown off these types of moments, but none have captured it quite like Stadium Club.

Pack 6:




This is one that didn’t require much thought.  This card of Orlando Cepeda is a wonderful photograph, showing a slugging first baseman sliding gracefully into home plate.  The fact that it is black and white only improves the overall quality of the card.

Pack 7:


What a great photo of a promising Boston rookie.  It will take a truly fantastic card to beat this one.



The fact that Topps used an image of DiMaggio that hasn’t been recycled repeatedly was a major plus.  In the end, the history of this moment, as well as the quality of the picture made this one of the best cards in the blaster.  (Taken in 1941, this is for 45 consecutive games with a hit at Yankee Stadium).

Pack 8:



The Dykstra is the other Gold Foil parallel from this blaster.


I don’t even really like either of these players, yet this has to be one of the better cards in this entire set.  We have all seen these two paired up on a card, but this one captures a moment of authenticity between an aging playing and his up and coming superstar son.

Overall, I didn’t care for the inserts.  In fact, I would have preferred to get two more base cards.  As these are beatiful cards.  This is a wonderful project, and I owe a big thank you to my wife.

I don’t know if I will be able to afford putting this entire set together, though it is tempting.  So, if you have an interest in any of these cards, (except the Red Sox players, Piazza, Gwynn, and Eck) let me know.

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One Response to 2015 Topps Stadium Club: A Surprise Blaster

  1. Julie says:

    I’ve been away but still picking up cards. I may be able to help you out if you decide to do the set. I have a stack of dupes.


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