Card Show Review: Big Game Hunting

I set some lofty goals for myself before going to this card show, and while I wasn’t able to cross every one off my list, I do feel like I found some great cards.

Before I show off the biggest/best purchases, I thought I would share these other finds that didn’t quite meet any of the goals, but were nonetheless fantastic finds.


These two Gold Rush redemption cards were $.50 a piece.  The Mauer fits my player collection perfectly, while the Buchholz just seemed like it would be lonely if I didn’t take it home.


Numbered to 199, this is a 2009 Topps Tribute Gary Carter Blue parallel.  At $.75, I thought it was a good buy.


I was able to pick up two 2009 Topps Sterling cards, each numbered to 250.  These came from the same box as the Carter, so $.75 for each card was a good deal in my book.


These three were a tad more expensive; each cost $1.50.  Similar to the 2009 Sterling, the ’08 Sterlings are thicker cards with a framed border.  I have been on a Foxx kick recently, so I felt compelled to buy these.  With patience, I probably could have found them for cheaper, but part of the allure of a card show is the immediacy of the cards.


These four 2008 Topps Sterling Ted Williams cost me $10 total.  At $2.50 a piece, I went a little above what I probably would have paid if I had been shopping at  But I don’t feel like I got swindled with this purchase.  I checked the price against those found on ebay and other sites, and found it to be a decent price.  Plus, this is Teddy Ballgame, so cut me some slack.


This 2007 Sweet Spot Sweet Swatch, from Upper Deck, required that I part with $2.  Relics are no longer as valued as they once were, but a relic of Schilling’s from his days in Boston is worth $2.


There is an interesting anecdote that goes with this Carlton Fisk Epic Materials, numbered 088/145.

I actually had two other Fisk relics that I had found at this particular seller’s table.  As they didn’t have a price on them, I asked him what he would take.

Now anybody who has spent time at a card show can appreciate my reaction when the gentleman took out his Beckett Price guide and looked up the price for the three relics, and I knew I was in trouble.  After looking for a few moments he said that the other two were each valued at $30, so I could have both one for $25 or both for $40.  My jaw dropped.  I felt like I was speaking to an idiot.

While I don’t remember the specifics of the other two cards, I can say that they were very similar in style (though this was the only one with a pinstripe), from the same time period (mid 00’s), with similar numbering.  Surely this man knew that Beckett prices aren’t relevant in the modern age.  I was about to walk away in disgust when he said that this card (the one shown above) wasn’t in the guide, and I could have it for $4.  What???  He acted like it was infected, just because it wasn’t in the price guide.

Now I constantly monitor Fisk relics and autographs and know that most relics similar to this can be had for around $3, if one waits long enough.  But I hadn’t seen any other Fisk relics or autographs around, so I gave him the money and left.  (Sorry for the diatribe, but I felt compelled to share).

I will speed things up.

I found these last four cards in a box marked 4 for $40,with a caption “Make me an Offer.”  I offered $30; he said $35.  I showed him $32, and he took it, which means each one cost $8 a piece.


2008 Donruss Threads Sticker Auto, numbered 179/250.  I paid $8, as it, along with the next three cards, cost me $32 combined.


1975 Topps Jim Rice Rookie card.  Yes the corners are soft, but the centering isn’t too bad, and I felt like $8 was a good deal.


1975 Topps Keith Hernandez Rookie card.  Keith just so happens to be my favorite 1st baseman.  The centering is off and the corners are soft, but the next card more than made up for the overall price.  So I don’t really consider this to be an $8 card.  To me, this is a $4 card, while the last card was $12.


1975 Topps Gary Carter Rookie card!!!  I left the bottom of the image like that just to prove how nice this card is.  The corners are sharp, as are the edges.  To me, the centering is almost perfect, and the surface is clean (that white mark isn’t on the card).  This is one of my most sought after cards, so it was well worth the $12 dollars that I paid.

Perhaps I overpaid for some of these cards, but I have no regrets, which is all that matters.

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2 Responses to Card Show Review: Big Game Hunting

  1. Mark Hoyle says:

    Can’t go wrong with Foxx and Teddy


  2. I’m sorting my catcher cards right now and if you want to swap some dupes, let me know!


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