Upcoming Card Show

Tomorrow I have the opportunity to do something that I haven’t done in almost two years. I will be attending a card show!  Thanks to my wife’s careful planning, I have the means of spending a day looking through boxes and boxes of cards.

As I so rarely get a chance to go, I thought
it would be best practice to set some goals for myself.

1.  Add at least 20 cards to add to my various player collections.

2.  Add a Gary Carter Rookie card.

3.  Add an on card auto of either Fisk or Carter.  Or if I shoot the moon, Piazza or Bench.

4.  Add another Evan Gattis auto to my collection.

5.  Find several relics and autos for upcoming trades.

And while it isn’t likely, I would love the chance to nab an auto in my price range of Pedroia, Ortiz, or Jose Altuve. However,  I won’t spend a lot of time devoted to finding these.

While these are my goals, I am not going to overspend.

Wish me luck.

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6 Responses to Upcoming Card Show

  1. Mark Hoyle says:

    Have a good time. And goodluck


  2. Tim B. says:

    Definitely have fun looking through those boxes!


  3. briandoneal says:

    Good luck!
    That’s a good set of goals, I would suggest one more – don’t forget to have fun!


  4. shanediaz82 says:

    Enjoy the show, looking forward to seeing what you land…


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