The Yogi Berra Story

I do all I can to stay away from posting anything that has to do with the New York Yankees.  On the rare occasion, however, I feel compelled to share about those few Yankees that I do collect, one of which is Yogi Berra.

I recently was given three large boxes of cardboard, and mixed in with ’90 Donruss, ’87 Topps, and other junk wax, was a unique set of cards from Authentic Sports Autographs.  Released in 1983, The Yogi Berra Story is a set of 12 cards focusing the career of the most successful player in the history of baseball.


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This set is very simple white cardstock, with a green border, which is a weird choice, considering that so few teams have green on their uniforms.


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True to form, the back of the cards tell the story of Yogi’s career, from his “Youthful” days to his time spent coaching the Yankees.  In this picture, Yogi looks like he is in a police lineup, rather than at a ball park.


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Not a lot of attention was paid to the caption, as even I can’t read it, with the card in my hand.  This card pays homage to the 1953 Yankees and their penchant for hitting home runs.  The biography on the back of the cards, reads like a book.


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This card shows Berra with Sal Maglie and Don Larsen, and though the picture is from 1958, my assumption is that this card commemorates Don Larsen’s perfect game in the ’56 World Series (Maglie was the opposing pitcher in that game, and Berra was catching Larsen).


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Pictured on the front of this card is the Yankees lineup for the 1960 World Series.  I like the contrast between the front and back of this card, as the front shows him playing in the World Series, and the back details his struggles to even get signed.


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Berra is pictured here with other members of ’61 Yankees team that hit so many home runs.


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Pictured here with former Yankees manager Casey Stengel, Berra was the manager of the 1964 Yankees.  And though he took them to a World Series, Yogi was fired by the Yankees after just one season.


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Berra was part of the Mets coaching staff in ’67, but he still attended the Old Timers Day at Yankee Stadium.


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As a Red Sox fan, it is difficult to admit it, but the Yankees do have the best “Catching Tradition.”  Especially when Posada gets added to those listed on this card.


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Seeing Yogi in a Mets uniform is always a bit off-putting.  Starting with card #10, the back of the cards list Berra’s accomplishments and stats.

11 11b

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In ’73, with Berra as manager, the Mets lost the World Series to the Oakland A’s, in 7 games.


In the late 70’s, Berra was back with the Yankees as a coach.

When this set was put out, Berra was still a coach for the Yankees.  In ’84, he was named manager, but was fired 16 games into the ’85 season, by none other than George Steinbrenner.

This set of cards clearly doesn’t push any boundaries with its design or the photos.  But what sets it above others, is the amount of information given about Berra.

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One Response to The Yogi Berra Story

  1. Mark Hoyle says:

    Because of my J. Jensen PC I gave a few Yankee cards myself. Also because S. Lyle was a member of the 67 Sox I collect him too.


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