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I have tried to be more intelligent about my cardboard purchases.  As far as gifts go, I still ask for boxes of cards; I just can’t shake the feeling that accompanies busting a box of cards.  Yet in my own spending (I get an allowance if I’m a good boy) I have cut back on buying random retail.  Instead, I concentrate on my player collections, with the help of

Here is what I picked up in my recent purchase.





Thanks to the Junior Junkie, my Boggs collection grew exponentially.  So I decided to pick up a few more cards of the Hall of Famer.



I have decided to expand my searches to include David Ortiz.  He is, after all, the most important slugger for the Red Sox during the last 40 years.


I picked up these three shiny Pedorias.


These two ’14 Topps High Tek cards made fantastic additions to my collection.  I like how durable these cards are.


Derek Norris has jumped around the majors, switching teams three times so far in his career.  This card is a Bowman Platinum Emerald parallel, numbered 083/599.  I have begun actively searching for more of his cards, in an effort to stay connected to current catchers.


This Jason Kendall is actually green and black, not green.  It looks much better in person, but I purchased it mostly because of the “Rock Solid Foundation” moniker.  That phrase epitomizes Kendall’s career.


Here is a Johnny Bench from ’14 Topps Stadium Club, another product that I couldn’t afford to purchase.  Slowly I have acquired the cards from this set that most appeal to me.


Do I really to explain why I got these cards?


Lastly, here are the two most recent Fisk cards that I have added to my collection.  The 2012 Panini Cooperstown is a Cracked Ice parallel, numbered 210/299.  The Topps Rookie Cup is a Red parallel.

As crazy as it sounds, not one of these cards cost more than $.80.

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2 Responses to Recent additions from

  1. Mark Hoyle says:

    Nice Fisk and Boggs additions


  2. shanediaz82 says:

    Great cards all around! I find that the $.50 to $5.00 range seems to be where the best bargains often are on COMC.


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