2×3 Heroes equals Christmas in May!

It is a wonderful feeling when you get something in the mail that is unexpected and underserved.  That is what happened when I opened a PWE last week from an unknown address.  Inside, along with the cards, was an explanation for the appearance of said envelope.

Jedi Jeff, longtime blogger of 2 x 3 Heroes fame, had a giveaway during this past Christmas season.  All that he required was for each person to claim a specific card, and it would be sent in the mail, PWE style.

Time passed, as it does, and I forgot all about the giveaway.  Thankfully, Jedi Jeff didn’t.


Heritage has been a set that I don’t really go after with any ferocity, so these three cards are much appreciated cards, though Doubront and Ciriaco no longer play for the Red Sox.




Big Papi seems like he will play until he no longer desires to.  His abilities and health don’t appear to depreciate like normal people.

2x3 a

Though shiny, this is a very boring card, courtesy of Panini.  However, it finds a home within my collection.


A Die-Cut Ted Williams.


Here is the card that I claimed, and I did so for two reasons.  First, I am a fan of the Astros, especially the Killer B’s, of which Bagwell was an integral part.  Secondly, Bagwell was originally drafted by the Red Sox.

Many thanks to Jeff for his willingness to follow through on his giveaway and include some other great cards.

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2 Responses to 2×3 Heroes equals Christmas in May!

  1. Nice selection on that Bagwell card!


  2. Jeff says:

    It takes time, but eventually I get to it. Just ask Bo – he’s still waiting! 🙂


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