Catching some Friendly Fire from Jaybarker Fan

We watched in horror as Napoleon, I mean Jaybarkerfan declared war on Bob Walk the Plank.  Those of us who stood helplessly on the sidelines knew that this war would leave both armies depleted and, likely, inactive for a number of years.

Then, just as Bonaparte turned cannons on observers and rioters, Wes gave a “Whiff of Grapeshot” to Tony over at Off Hiatus.  Shocked once more, those of us in the blogosphere knew that we were witnessing a mad genius at work.

In the midst of this second of the Blogeonic Wars (we have to label them as something other than Cardboard War, for they are beyond a generic title), Wes posted a rather innocent announcement, listing no less than 8 persons who would be getting something in the mail, and I was one of them.

Admittedly, I am not currently in the crosshairs of Wes, but I certainly feel like a casualty.

First, Wes sent over a trio of Mets pitchers, two of which are former Cy Young Award winners.


Not only are these two cards on different ends of the spectrum when it comes to design, but the players depicted on them are polar opposites.  Dickey, on the shiny Bowman Chrome, really has been a flash in the pan, putting together only one great year.  While Tom Seaver, on the Goudey card, is the epitome of legendary pitchers, consistently achieving greatness. Classic.


This Ruby parallel of Matt Harvey also found a new home.  There is no doubt that Harvey has Cy Young potential.  I would like to believe, and do, that he will have a long and successful career, anchoring the Mets rotation as they win at least one World Series.


I often forget about Murray’s days with the Mets, which is one of the reasons that this card stuck out to me; the other being that I don’t have a lot of O-Pee-Chee cards.


Topps Finest has always eluded me, as it is a higher end product, so these two cards are much appreciated.

jbf 9

Wright is consistently one of the better third basemen in the game, and he is constantly getting dinged up.  Imagine how much better the Mets would be if he could play 140 games a season, which he has done only once since ’11.  However, he does remain a favorite among all current players, Red Sox included.


Wes included a couple of vintage Mets with this latest package.  The image on the Randle card is fantastic.

I was surprised when I discovered that Wes included a number of Red Sox cards.  Wes is more than generous, and my assumption has always been that there are a number of Red Sox collectors that Wes trades with, which is perfectly understandable.  Therefore, as I just recently began blogging, it would only make sense that Wes be short on Sox cards.

Boy was I wrong.


I know it would be problematic and time consuming for Topps, but I would really like to see them release a set that had the colors on the border correspond with each team, as this card looks so much better than the base version.

jbf 7

As much as the red parallel helps the Carp card, the yellow border hinders this card’s performance.  I have flashbacks to ’91 Fleer with the likes of this.  And I am still bitter about Lester’s departure, so I will stop talking about it.

jbf 6

Xander continues to have moments of brilliance, both offensively and defensively.

jbf 5

Napoli is player that I have decided to collect more actively, but more on that in a future post.  For now I will say that this is a fantastic card.

jbf 8

The demise of Salty has been rapid and, though I don’t like to admit it, expected.  After playing in only 9 games this year, he was released by the Marlins.  The D-backs picked him up off of waivers, so there is a slim chance that he returns to the majors, but I don’t foresee such an occurrence.


On a more positive note, here is a Carlton Fisk card from the Upper Deck 1970’s set.  It commemorates one of the greatest moments in sports, and as such, we must revere both the man and this card.

jbf 4

Wes struck a great balance in this package by including a vintage Sox card, and one of the better vintage cards I have yet to receive.  This beautiful card, which is in superb condition, (I won’t offer a grade as I have no idea of what to look at) has no creases and the corners are still sharp.  More importantly, it is a 1969 Topps Carl Yastrzemski, who just so happens to be one of the two most important players in the history of the Red Sox franchise.

jbf 3

Wes sent a number of relics, including this Johan Santana.  This is one of those maddening cards that depicts a player on a certain team (Twins) but labels him on another (Mets).  Normally, I am not a fan of Photo Shopping, but in cases such as these, I think it should be used.

jbf 1

Ordonez was a 3x Gold Glover for the Mets, but sadly was injured during the 2000 World Series.  This card would pop a lot more if a black jersey were used as the relic, but I am still grateful for it.

jbf 2

Although it is numbered out of 490, this card is still one of my favorite, for several reasons.  First, it is a Red Sox relic.  Second, it is a quad piece, with a color other than grey or white.  Lastly, 3 of the 4 players depicted are among those that I revere most from the 2007 World Series team (I will let you guess which player I despise).

Wes, sir, you have once again outdone yourself.  I can only imagine the anguish that Matt and Tony have felt at your hands.

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  1. Great cards as usual!


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