Trading with P-Town Tom

P-town Tom, of Waiting ’til Next year fame, has not only been incredibly generous, he has been patient.  This is a post that should have been written months ago.  However, I had misplaced these cards until just a few days ago.

With that in mind, I would now like to show off this stack of cards.

p town tom

Weren’t the ’80s awesome!  This sportflix card of Tom Seaver typifies what the ’80s were all about: trends and illogical technology passed off as meaningful advancement.  Though I was a youngster when this card was made, I remember a great deal of that decade.

p town tom 2

From one Hall of Fame pitcher to another, here is a 2000 Topps Pedro Martinez.  He may not have been the greatest pitcher to suit up for the Red Sox, but he is certainly the most important since the great Cy Young.


Here are a couple of Clay Buchholzs.  I don’ know of a more maddening pitcher to take the mound for Boston in recent years.  Just two short years ago, he was 12-1 with an ERA of 1.74, and now he is 1-4 with and ERA of 6.03.  Yet if you look at his starts, he has twice struck out at least 9, and in those games, allowed 1 run or fewer.


This is a thing of beauty.  With a wonderful full-bleed photo of Tek, Fleer certainly did a wonderful job with one.


Two great outfielders from days of yore.  I have said it before and will continue to say it until it has been rectified, but Dewey belongs in the Hall of Fame.


Ortiz is finally showing starting to slow down this year, though I suppose it could be slump.  I can’t get over how nice these 2014 Panini Classics look.  I don’t care about logos as much as I do with the overall quality of the cards, and lately, Panini has been out doing Topps.


Wade Boggs is one of those players that seems to be in almost every set from 1983 through today.  I’m not complaining; he is, after all my favorite 3rd baseman of all-time.  However, this Gypsy Queen card just doesn’t do anything for me.


P-town Tom included a couple of manufactured relics/patch cards.  This is the image from Boggs’ Topps rookie card.  If memory serves, these manu-patches were included in blasters last year.


I don’t know if Pedroia will make the Hall of Fame.  He certainly has a lot of accolades that have been bestowed upon him, and he has actually earned them, yet he has not played well the past few seasons.  He still has a long way to go before we can call him a future Hall of Famer, but I am going to hold out hope that he does.  The card, by the way, looks very dull in this scan, but in reality is shiny silver.


We will end with the second manufactured patch that P-town parted ways with.  This is one of the better designed cards, commemorating the greatest baseball stadium ever built.  Here that Tom?!

All in all, Tom was extremely generous, and I not only owe him an apology, but a nice stack of cards as well.

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