Chipz and Cards from Cards on Cards

A long time ago, in a land called my house. . .

Kerry from Cards on Cards, sent me a lovely little envelop that contained a couple of Chipz, as well as a few cards.  By the way, this was around Christmas, just so you have an idea of how long ago this actually was.

cards on cards

This is one, if not the only image of Napoli wearing catcher’s gear for the Red Sox.  He never suited up as a catcher for Boston, so this is clearly from his days as a Ranger.  The blue on his uniform and helmet in no way match with the shade of blue on Ortiz.

I know a lot of collector’s don’t care for these, but I rather like them.  If I played poker, I would most definitely use these.

c o c1

No matter how many times I see this card, I still very much appreciate it.  I gave up trying to put this set together, but I still try to get all that I can for my player collection.

coc 2232-2500

Kerry also sent over this Pedro Martinez Donruss Elite Series, numbered 2232/2500.  This is a terrible scan of the card, which is actually a very nice gold color.  With Pedro getting enshrined this year, I know his cards are going to cost more, so this is a much appreciated addition.

Kerry, I apologize for the tardiness of this post.  Thank you for your generosity.

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