Somewhere (still trying to complete) the Rainbow

Back in March, I posted about a 2007 Chrome Curt Schilling Refractor, numbered to 99.  The Lost Collector sent that one over, and just to get re-acquainted with it, here it is.

lost c schilling 44 99

As this card sat in my collection, I began to desire the other versions of this card.  That desire led me to, and to my surprise, I was able to obtain three parallels of this card, for less than $2 combined.


Here is the base version of the card, and admittedly, it isn’t near as appealing as the red version.


Here is the X-Fractor version, which is not numbered.  Again, not as appealing as the Red Refractor, but it still a nice card.

cs 174-660

Here is a White Refractor, numbered 174/660.  I know how bright this looks, but in person it isn’t as bad.

lost c schilling 44 99cs 174-660csacs

Here they are together, in all their glory.  I have been trying to find information about how many parallels were produced in 2007, so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

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2 Responses to Somewhere (still trying to complete) the Rainbow

  1. Mark hoyle says:

    Wow. I’m glad I don’t go crazy chasing all these


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