Howling Hoyle and the Pop-Up Mets

Mr. Hoyle, widely recognized as one of the more generous traders around, recently sent me yet another stack of cards.  As has been the case in times past, he made sure and sent over a few vintage cards, along with a stack of catchers, Mets, and Astros.


Mark constantly checks to see what my needs are for vintage catchers, and as one of my pet projects is to obtain a copy of each of Fred Kendall’s Topps cards, he didn’t disappoint.  I know that 1975 Topps usually gets a lot more attention than the ’76 release, but I appreciate the image of the catcher on the front of the ’76 card, which puts it over the top.


Like father, like son!  I am completely amazed at the number of “Rookie Cards” for Jason Kendall.  It seems like every trade package I have opened recently has a different one.  This particular card is strange, to say the least.  Perhaps for an outfielder this type of card would look good, as they would be more likely to spend time jumping into the air, which is the only reason to have a card look this way.  But to Photo Shop a catcher into the clouds is just weird.  Is he about to catch the sun?


Here is a gold parallel of Josh Thole’s 2012 Topps card.  I know what the pitcher is doing, but it looks like he is playing Leap Frog, as opposed to playing baseball.


I know it is a simple set and is designed for children, but I actually like Triple Play cards.


Here is a beautiful shiny blue card of Derek Norris from 2015 Topps Opening Day.


A Zack Wheeler Opening Day card to add to my small collection.

mh 1

Mark included a handful of 1987 Donruss Pop-Ups.  These are the size of a normal card, but they can fold out to stand alone, perhaps on a desk or shelf.


Mark included some Mets Pop-Ups as well; it seems like Davey Johnson was always a manager, ever since the beginning of time.


I really struggled with the idea of unfolding this particular card.  I would love to have this pop-up on my shelves at work, but I just couldn’t do it.  So it will go in the binder with the rest of my collection.


Mr. Hoyle was nice enough to send over the quad relic of Jeff Kent and Carlos Beltran.  I never think of these two as Astros: Kent spent two seasons with the club, and Beltran played a whopping 90 games for Houston.  However, I do appreciate seeing them as Astros.

Mark, you have done it again.  Thank you so much for these great cards.  Be on the lookout for a return package.

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2 Responses to Howling Hoyle and the Pop-Up Mets

  1. defgav says:

    Mark is the best!

    Hopefully someday you’ll get a duplicate of that Gary Carter popup so you can pop that sucker up, guilt-free.

    As for those Score Select rookies in the clouds, I had some photoshop fun with a few of them a while ago:


  2. briandoneal says:

    Mark has been sending great stuff all over the blogosphere this week! I got a very nice stack from him on Monday too.


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