Parcel from Papoy

The timing couldn’t have been better.  A few days ago I reposted something that Kevin, of The Card Papoy fame, mentioned on his blog.  Lo and behold, a trade package arrived shortly thereafter.  The contents of which were remarkable.

cp 6

This Beckett is from Upper Deck Ovation, and I dig it.  The stitches of the baseball are raised, and the color scheme of the entire card serves to highlight the Red Sox uniform.  Now that Beckett has retired, his legacy as a Red Sox pitcher will undoubtedly improve.

cp 4

Burke is one of the myriad of catchers that never panned out for the Mariners.  What interests me most about this card is the helmet in his hand.  It reminds me of a the type of mask a hockey goalie would wear, especially the logo on the front.


Shinny catcher goodness.

cp 3

This is from Upper Deck 1970’s Decade and it is a terribly designed card.  In no way do the colors of the border serve to enhance the photo.  In trying to look retro, Upper Deck created chaos.


Here is a relic of Mike Nickeas, who played for the Blue Jays and Yankees.  He recently retired from baseball and went back to college, though this is still a great card.

js 1

Kevin sent over two Saltalamacchia autos.  This, of course, is a framed mini auto from Allen and Ginter.

js 2

And this bad boy is Salty’s Bowman Sterling Rookie autograph!  It may have a sticker auto, but this is a very nice card.  This will fund my retirement once Salty is enshrined in the Hall of Fame, and if he isn’t (he won’t be) I will still have an incredible card.

Kevin, you have outdone yourself, sir.  I am putting together a stack of cards to ship over to you as soon as possible.

Oh yeah, Kevin also included this atrocious thing.

cp 5

Sir, he is a Canadian, and we ‘Muricans want nothing to do with him.

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3 Responses to Parcel from Papoy

  1. Kevin Papoy says:

    But look how happy he looks playing that guitar ? It’s inhuman not to have some love for him, Canadian or not


  2. That Kevin is a pretty cool guy. Two nice Salty autos!


  3. Julie says:

    Kevin is such a show-off, sending fancy cards. To top it off with a FIRST PRINT Beiber?? I thought the JB 1st Prints were all for me? Fun trade indeed!


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