The Card Papoy Poses a Great Question

On his most recent post, Kevin our beloved French blogger from The Card Papoy, brought up a great point, and I am going to steal it and talk about it here.

He asked about whether or not it is ok to send to someone else cards that have been sent to him by another blogger.  An example would be if I sent cards to Kevin in a trade package and he later sent those to another blogger.  Would that be acceptable?  (This isn’t a question about duplicates, by the way).

My response is, yes it is.  But allow me to explain why I feel this way.

As is the case with almost every package that gets sent to me, I get stacks of cards of players that I collect, catchers, and teams that I follow.  However, I like a lot of players, and I follow no less than 5 teams, (and I know bloggers that collect those teams, exclusively).  Therefore, if I get a card of Brandon Phillips, Gerrit Cole, or Matt Harvey, I am thrilled.  Yet I am aware that there are other bloggers (dare I say friends) that would enjoy those cards more than myself.  Why shouldn’t I be allowed to send those cards to other bloggers?

I view these trades that we take part in as similar in nature to those trades I made as a youth.  I was never hesitant to trade cards that I had received as part of another trade.

Kevin, you asked a great question; sorry I hijacked it.

If you feel inclined, trade or give away any cards I sent to you.

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6 Responses to The Card Papoy Poses a Great Question

  1. Tony L. says:

    Honestly, I don’t have a problem with using it as trade bait, selling them, or using them for kindling in the winter. People’s collections change and evolve over time, and sometimes that means that giving away or even selling parts of a collection that were given to someone might happen. I mean, people might even drop out of collecting completely and sell their entire collection.

    Once I give something to someone else, what they do with it is their choice. After all, it belongs to them.


  2. I don’t see a problem passing along a card to another blogger if it fits their collection better. Once I trade a card I’m passing ownership. I think the only thing that would make me mad is if someone sold a card that was in a trade.


  3. Kevin Papoy says:

    hehe…you reblogged my post ! I remember seeing on someone’s blog a trade bait section in which there were cards that had been sent to that person. That’s where I draw the line. It’s no problem sending them to others, because they fit their collection better (and we’re all part of the same family anyway !), but using them as trade bait ? I don’t think so…unless it wasn’t a blind trade, of course, then all bets are off


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