“And Junior Junkie begat another junkie”

As I have gotten back into the hobby, I have heard the term “super collector” on various blogs and websites.  At the end of the previous post, I asked what it took to be considered a super collector because I believe that I now might consider myself to be one.

With the recent package sent over by T.J., I acquired a plethora of cards, including 75 Wade Boggs cards.

I have collected Wade Boggs for some time, though I never actively sought out his cards.  However, through busting packs and trades, I have built up a nice collection of his.  This means that there were some casualties; some cards just didn’t make it into my collection because they are duplicates.


There are 25 cards in this stack, and on most days, if 25 cards from a fellow blogger had to be set aside, I would be dejected.  But this wasn’t a normal package.  So while I had to set aside 25 cards, 50 cards got added to my collection.

jj wb9

Both modern and junk wax Boggs cards were included, and I will show them off according to team rather than year.  Hence, here is a nice selection of cards from Wade’s days as a Red Sox.

wb jj1

8 more from his time with Boston.


These next cards are much appreciated, and will make their way into my collection, I have no comment about them, as they are from a very dark period in Wade’s history.

wb jj5

wb jj4

wb jj6

wb jj2


wb jj3

(I want to say something about this card, in particular, but I just can’t).

wb jj7

Wade spent the last few seasons of his career with the Devil Rays.  Even at the end of his career, Boggs was still one of the best contact hitters in the game.

wb jj8


Boggs retired at the end of the 1999 season, though I don’t know why, since he was still hitting .301.


We end with this 2014 Framed Rookie Reprint Black, numbered 144/199.  This is very similar to the Topps Museum cards, as it has a metal frame.  Of Wade’s rookie cards, this is certainly the best of the three to reprint, and it looks fantastic.

In regards to my question yesterday, about what makes one a super collector, I think that I can’t quite be called that, but T.J. certainly turned me into a junkie.

Thanks again, T.J.

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One Response to “And Junior Junkie begat another junkie”

  1. Jessica says:

    I am very surprised that you even scanned those Yankee Boggs cards. I bet having them next to those Bosox cards was almost unbearable.


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