Jewels from a Junkie

Most have heard about it, or perhaps have been a recipient of his generosity, but for those who aren’t aware, T.J. (a.k.a The Junior Junkie) posted about a trip to the post office.  In said post, he showed off a receipt for sending out approximately 60 packages, and I was one of those lucky recipients.

Well here is the surprising part; two days before writing about the post office, T.J. contacted me out of the blue, wanting my address.  So when I read his post, I was hoping that I would be included, and boy was I.

As far as first time trades, this may be the most expansive.  Thank you T.J. for your incredible generosity.

jj cf

First, we start with a nice Fisking (I will not demean these cards by calling this what it is, but you know).  This is one of the best images of Fisk, so kudos to T.J. for sending over such great cards.

jj cf2

How did I not have this card!?  Somehow, T.J. managed to send over a junk wax Fisk that wasn’t part of my collection.  I like him already.

jj fl

Fred Lynn has received a lot of attention in recent releases, but I am still trying to acquire cards from his playing days.  This one falls somewhere in between.  Released in 1995, Sonic and Pepsi paired up to produce these cards.  No logos, but as a fan of Panini, I have grown accustomed to this practice.

jj gc

T.J. was generous enough to include this commemorative manufactured patch card of Gary Carter.  Whenever I open blasters, I am never lucky enough to get any of the players that I collect, so these types of cards have eluded me.

jj cs

Finally, T.J. included this little beauty which, as it turns out, is my first Curt Schilling game-used relic.  I don’t care that it was from his days with Arizona, Schill is one of my favorite pitchers of all-time, and this card will be forever treasured.

As I close out the first post about this package of cards, I have a question.  What does it take to be called a “super collector”?

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3 Responses to Jewels from a Junkie

  1. From my understanding a super collector is someone that goes after every release. So if you pick someone modern that makes your certifiably crazy.


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