A Cracked Bat Upside My Head: Final Entry

We have come to the end of the box of cards that Julie, from over at A Cracked Bat, sent my way.  As per the norm on this blog, I have saved my favorite cards for the end, so without further adieu, I present Carlton Fisk, Gary Carter, and Jason Kendall.


That pack of Fisk cards netted me five additions to my collection, including this one from Stadium Club.  This is an interesting photo, showing Fisk in a throwback uniform, with a modern coat.  Nevertheless, it is a much appreciated addition.


Here are two modern releases, and I am sure there is no surprise as to which one is my favorite.    That close up image of Fisk with his mask on should be just one in a series of inserts for catchers.


Here is an oversized card from ’88 Topps Big.  The oversized head shot is almost disturbing, but the image of Fisk in his catcher’s gear helps to balance it out.


This is the most appreciated (and enigmatic) addition to my Fisk collection.  I don’t have any idea who makes it or what year it came out.  All I know is that it was cut out of a magazine, though I don’t know which one.  It is very thin and flimsy, but doesn’t have perforated edges, though those could have been trimmed.


This is the back, but clearly it has been miscut, so I don’t know its origin.

gc mini

While I was only able to add 5 of the Fisk cards to my collection, I was much more successful with my Gary Carter collection.  Included in the “packs” of Carter were these two minis.  The silver mini is from Panini, which I didn’t know made cards during the 80’s and 90’s.


I thought it would be apropos to compare what was once considered “high end” in the early 90’s to current high end, and honestly, I think I like the 92′ fleer more.  At the very least, the image of the ’92 Ultra card is a better choice than the Triple Threads.


This Legendary Lineage card is one of the better pairings for this insert that I have seen.  As for the Field Generals, I will reserve my sentiment for this card for a later post; suffice it to say, I am a fan.

gc 4

Almost vintage Topps Gary Carters were included in the “packs” sent to me.  As much I as I like Carter as a Met, he certainly looks great as an Expo.

gc 5

I know that Donruss and Fleer came a long way in the quality of the cards they put out, but in the early years, these cards must have been disappointing.  The Diamond Kings card is almost scary.


One of the best and worst things about collecting Jason Kendall is the quantity of cards.  So I may never finish collecting his cards, thanks to all of the parallels and limitless number of sets put out during his playing days.


This is such a great image, it required me to show it by itself.


Finally, here is a relic of Jason’s time with the Oakland A’s, though if this were to be pulled in a group break, it may end up going to the Cubs collector, as the image and fabric don’t match with the team listed.  I, however, don’t care.  In fact, I like that it has green fabric instead of white or grey.

Julie, you were extremely generous and thoughtful.  Thanks again for all of the wonderful cards.

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4 Responses to A Cracked Bat Upside My Head: Final Entry

  1. Mark hoyle says:

    The Fisk is from the Sports Collectors Digest magazine 1959


  2. Julie says:

    Quite fun seeing these little player packs revealed and to know there were cards you needed hidden in the saran wrap! The Kendall Legend is a phenomenal shot at the plate. I almost kept it. 😉


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