A Cracked Bat Upside My Head: Part 4

Julie sent well over 300 cards, and not all of them were catchers.  She included a number of Red Sox greats that ultimately made their way into my collection.

Here they are, rapid fire style.


The most recently elected Hall of Famer to be enshrined as a Red Sox player, Pedro Martinez!!  The Stadium Club card captured one of the most appealing aspects of Pedro’s personality, his exuberance.


Three Napolis found their way into my collection.  The 2015 is the gold parallel numbered 1503/2015.


I remember when Daisuke first signed with the Red Sox.  All of the hoopla and talk about the fact that he could throw 8 different pitches was quickly silenced as we watched him flounder.  This is 2008 Triple Threads number 0446/1350.


I am not ready to talk about this, so I will just show the card.


Bobby Doerr is not only one of the most underrated players to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame, he was a great teammate, and was always willing to sign for fans.  I love every aspect of this card.


Jim Ed Rice


David Ortiz Bowman cards,


Topps Chrome card,

do 1

and Upper Deck cards.


Two home runs yesterday equals two cards shown here today.


Plus this beautiful card, though it is what some collector’s refer to as “just base.”  I don’t care if it is, “just base!”  Base cards make up the majority of my collection.  So yes, Dustin Pedroia, you can be part of my collection.

With one more post to go, I have given just a brief glimpse of the cards that Julie sent my way.  Thanks again, Julie, for your generosity.

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One Response to A Cracked Bat Upside My Head: Part 4

  1. Julie says:

    You are quite welcome! I get major hobby joy from sharing.


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