A Cracked Bat Upside My Head: Part 3

In this ongoing saga, I felt it would be pertinent to show off some the additions to my player collection, outside of Gary Carter, Carlton Fisk, or Jason Kendall.

By the way, these are all keepers.


Two Saltalamacchias from his days as a Ranger.  Living just a few short hours from the Rangers stadium, I am kicking myself for not seeing this guy play in person.


Two Heritage Saltys (2008 and 2015) and really the expression on his face hasn’t changed much.  I still like these though, if for no other reason than to remind myself why I don’t like Heritage.


Julie included two Evan Gattis cards from his days as an Atlanta Brave.  Thankfully, those days are over.  He went 0 for 3 tonight, but each at bat was a hard hit ball.  Viva el Oso Blanco!


Roy Campanella is one of those players that is still respected.  He was a fantastic player and a pioneer in the sport.  I don’t collect his cards, usually, but taste dictates that I keep this one.


Julie sent over a number of Jason Varitek cards, but thanks to the generosity of trade partners, most were duplicates.  However, like a monkey, I was attracted to this shiny object.  Numbered 0938/1349, this one stays with me.


Staying with shiny cards, here are two Joe Mauers.  Just so we are all clear, once an all-star catcher, always an all-star catcher.  I don’t care if he does play 1st base, I will always collect Mauer cards.


See, I told you.

204 250

I don’t know how Julie does it, but it seems like every stack of cards that she sends contains at least one Triple Threads card.  Here is the emerald parallel, numbered 204/250.  Mauer has such a beautiful swing, all of his future cards should show him swinging.

Julie, you have consistently been a wonderful trade partner.  I hope the move goes well.

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2 Responses to A Cracked Bat Upside My Head: Part 3

  1. Julie is great. She has passed along a number of high end sets in trades that you don’t normally see in the blogosphere. Sets like Panini Classics and Triple Threads just to name a few.


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