A Cracked Bat Upside My Head: Part 2

While going through the 300 plus cards that Julie sent my way, I was happy to discover that she sent over a number of cards from the same set.  As much as I appreciate getting cards from the same set, there is one downside:  if the set looks amazing, then I feel like I have to go out and get those that I am missing.  Let’s see if that happened with this round of cards:


These three cards are from what appears to be some kind of card game.  Of the three, I like the Benito Santiago the most.


Julie included three cards from Fleer Premium.  I love the images, though the large white border takes away from what could be great looking cards.


This one deserves to be shown by itself.  That dang white border, though.  Without it, this would be a great card of Kendall.

b c 2

b c 1

Bowman catchers, including a Jayson Werth and Jason Kendall.





’94 Flair Catchers: I can’t say enough about how great these cards are.  The cards a sleek and are printed on thicker cardstock, and the images are tremendous.  These are beautiful cards.




More Bowman cards, perhaps one of these catchers will end up being a star, but for now, these will go in my prospect box, to be reconsidered in the future.

05 tb 2

’05 Donruss Throwback Threads

These are great looking cards, and I will have to look into getting all of the catchers from this set, but thankfully, Julie was nice enough to send over three others.

05 tb 1

Both of these cards are needed, though I would have preferred to see them in their catcher’s gear.

05 tb 3

Another Kendall for my collection.


2014 Panini Classics:

This is going to be a problem.  These cards are amazing: powerful images, great design, and from what I have seen, the catchers are usually in their gear.  Now I have to get all of the catchers from this set (double for my PC catchers).


I know Topps has the license, but I haven’t seen any cards from Topps lately that look this good.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Julie, you went above and beyond.  Thank you.

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3 Responses to A Cracked Bat Upside My Head: Part 2

  1. Julie says:

    I’ve always been drawn to catchers and obviously can’t collect everything. So glad you enjoyed the box. It’ll be at least a couple of months before I can ship again.


  2. Mark hoyle says:

    Like that Fisk


  3. shanediaz82 says:

    Awesome cards. That Bresnahan is my favorite, love that old mask!


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