GCRL Returned Some Great Cards

I have a lot of Dodger cards stacked all over my house.  In their storied history, only one player that spent any significant time wearing Dodger blue is numbered among my favorite (Piazza).  Needless to say, with the Dodgers being one of the most popular teams,  every time I open cards, more Dodgers stack up.

Luckily, I stumbled across GCRL, and Jim was kind enough to take a portion of those Dodgers off my hands.  In return, he sent over a stack of amazing cards.

gcrl pd2

gcrl pd3

gcrl pd

“Laser Show”!  Jim sent over no less than six Pedroias, and while I had a copy of the Red Sox Rippers card, I can now put one in my Ortiz collection and keep the other for Pedroia.

gcrl gg

Someone was paying attention to my want list, as these cards are from 2001 Fleer Greats of the Game set that I am trying to put together.  As much as I like the Fred Lynn, the Campy is a great picture.

gcrl mb

Though on the periphery of my player collection, both of these catchers are two of the greatest to ever play.  Of these two cards, I like the Mauer card more.  I have grown tired of the recycled images that Topps uses for the Hall of Famers, and when Bench is included in most releases, it means a lot of recycled images.

gcrl bp

Now that Pablo Sandoval is gone, there is no doubt that Posey is the most important everyday player on the Giants.

gcrl salty 914 2015

My first parallel of 2015 also came with the base version.  Salty seems to be getting less and less attention down there in Miami, but I certainly appreciate him and his cards.

gcrl jk1

gcrl jk2

gcrl jk3

You know what I see when I look at these four cards?  3 really strong images and 1 that looks like Upper Deck ran out of time and used the only photo they had of Jason Kendall.  Seriously, it looks like he is skipping to 1st base.  I am going to keep the card, but I want Upper Deck to know that I don’t like it.

gcrl 2_crop

Oh, Oh, Oh, Mr. Carter[Kotter]!  That was my response when I say these bad boys.  I don’t know how it was possible, but I needed all but three of these cards.

Jim, thank you for your generosity.  Be aware that I have more Dodgers that I will be sending your way.

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2 Responses to GCRL Returned Some Great Cards

  1. Kevin Papoy says:

    The 99 Topps Kendall is really sweet !


  2. Tony L. says:

    Jim always sends a lot of great cards. I’ve been looking for catchers to send to you — but I don’t think I have your address. Can you send it to me?


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