The Lost Collector Found Me

A while back, A.J. aka The Lost Collector, sent me a stack of cards.  After the recent debacle of losing track of who sent what, I am making a more concerted effort to post as quickly and efficiently as possible, when it comes to trade packages.

That being said, A.J. sent over some amazing cards; though I don’t know how much credit to give him; by his own admission he hates the Red Sox (A.J. is one of those unfortunate fans of the Evil Empire).  So really, I did him a favor.

lost collector minis

A portion of the cards sent over were these cute little mini cards.  That’s what my daughter says whenever she sees minis.  She thinks because they are little and cute, they should belong to her.  Usually I acquiesce, but not this time.

lost collector yaz

Anytime that I can get my hands on a Carl Yastrzemski card, I hold on tightly.  He has long been a favorite and these two cards were both needed.

lost collector 14 mini

I really like the Napoli World Series card, and it scans nicely next to the Ortiz.

lost c beckett 022 400

Here is a shiny Josh Beckett, numbered 022/400.  When he left Boston, many fans were more than happy to see him go, but for a number of years, Beckett was the best pitcher on the Red Sox staff.

lost c schilling 44 99

Last, but certainly not least, is a 2007 Topps Chrome Curt Schilling Red Refractor, numbered 44/99.  There are so many reasons why this card is amazing: chrome, refractor, numbered.  And it is Red, as in Red Sox, you know Red Sock. . . you see where I am going with this right?


A.J. you not only delivered a stack of terrific cards, you also reminded me just how great 2007 really was.  Thanks again.

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5 Responses to The Lost Collector Found Me

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  2. Mark hoyle says:

    Love the Schill


  3. Julie says:

    Red Schilling is tremendous! What a series it was!


  4. shanediaz82 says:

    That Schilling is awesome!


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