Two High-End Benchs

A recent purchase from netted me two high-end Johnny Bench cards.  I usually don’t pay much attention to these types of cards, as I can’t afford them.  Every now and then, however, I find them available for next to nothing.


2013 Topps Triple Threads #50

I already have the amethyst and gold parallel versions of this card, which means I will probably keep an eye out for the others in order to complete a rainbow.


2013 Topps Museum Collection #29

I don’t really have a lot to say about these cards.  Clearly, people buy these cards for the hits, so Topps doesn’t spend a lot of time developing the base cards.  I do like the quality of the cards, but I would like to see a real background, like a normal card.

I was lucky in that both of these cards sold for $.50 otherwise I would have had to live without them.

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2 Responses to Two High-End Benchs

  1. Keladry of Midelon says:
  2. shanediaz82 says:

    Nice pick-ups! COMC is great for cards in that price range.


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