2015 Topps Evan Gattis

This season is one that will bring a lot of hope for the returned success of the Boston Red Sox, and while that may not happen this year, even though they spent a bundle on free agency, one thing that is definite: Evan Gattis will appear in an Astros uniform.

However, just as I have to wait for the season to kick off in order to witness a resurgence for the Red Sox, I likewise will have to wait a few more months before I can see Gattis in an Astros uniform on a Topps card.


2015 Topps #58, Evan Gattis

Hopefully, this is the will be the last time that we have to see Gattis in a Braves uniform, though if he does make an appearance in any of the high-end products, he will likely be pictured as a Brave.

This card just doesn’t do it for me.  Going from what looks like a fingerprint impression around the team logo, to what looks like a keyboard under the name, the border is entirely too busy.  What a waste of the “Future Stars” moniker.  Why is it only outlined and stamped along the top of the card?  Be creative, Topps.  Find a way to incorporate the label, Future Stars, into the actual photo.

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2 Responses to 2015 Topps Evan Gattis

  1. shanediaz82 says:

    Gonna be an interesting year for the Sox for sure!


  2. I like the new borders. Maybe its because I got so use to seeing blank white space that anything there would be deemed good.

    Gattis is going to put up some big numbers in Houston if he stays healthy. A pop fly to left is a homerun in that park.


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