1974 Topps Washington Nationals: Fred Kendall

In my quest to obtain one of every Topps issued card from Fred Kendall’s playing days, I came across an interesting piece of trivia: there are 2 versions of Kendall’s 1974 Topps card.

Here is the first version sometimes referred to as #53A or 53.1.


1974 #53A

There is nothing unusual about this card; in fact, it is a boring card with drab colors and a dull photograph.  Even the grass looks brown.  Overall, this is a terrible card, which I of course love.

The other version isn’t exactly a parallel; rather it is an error card, though not in the usual tradition.

Here is the second version, #53B or 53.2.


1974 #53B

The error, as I think most know, is that the city and team name are not listed as San Diego or Padres.  Instead, Topps was acting on an assumption that the team would be moving to Washington.  After the 73′ season, it was rumored that a businessman named Joseph Danzansky was going to buy the team and move it to D.C.  Most thought it was a done deal, so Topps jumped the gun and started printing cards that reflected the move.  Once Ray Kroc bought the team, Topps had to correct what turned out to be an error.

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4 Responses to 1974 Topps Washington Nationals: Fred Kendall

  1. Marcus says:

    I love the “Washington Nat’l Lea.” cards, definitely one of my favorite Padres team sets I’ve put together.


  2. Julie says:

    the sportscard obsession at its finest! your quest is a worthy one!


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